Certified PTLM teacher!

Do you want to become a PTLM teacher and make your classes more lively and fun? Or would you like to build your own business and have more freedom?  PTLM offers 1 and 2 day courses.

PTLM classroom/school teacher – 1-day course.

After participating in a 1-day highly practical and fun PTLM teacher course, you can use the method with your students in your school and make teaching livelier and more effective than ever before.

The course will cover:

  • The main concept behind the PTLM teaching method and its value.
  • The structure of PTLM class.
  • PTLM activities for every occasion that can be used in the classroom and outdoor.
  • PTLM core games.
  • Stationary work.
  • How to use the portal.
  • Children and movements in small and larger spaces.
  • How do PTLM teachers look at teaching?

Practice makes perfect and practice teaching needs practice planning!

You will never look at “teaching” the same way as before!

It will change the way you teach!

PTLM certified teacher. 2- days course.  

After participating in a 2- day course you can start with your own PTLM business and become a franchised PTLM teacher.

You can for example:

  • Run community classes
  • School sessions
  • Tutoring one to one sessions or group sessions

Day 1 will be held with PTLM classroom/school teacher 1-day course.

Day 2 will for example cover:

  • More activities will be introduced.
  • Practical training.
  • Inspirational talk
  • Marketing and tools to use.
  • The portal and support.


Need more information?

There is a lot of information to discuss with regards to our franchises, training packages, opportunities and prices. If you would like more information, we would be happy to email you a pdf with all the information in one place.

For more information: ptlm@playtolearnmore.com


Testimonials from former participants:

” A fun and effective workshop, can be used right away in the classroom”

” I could right away use the ideas to create really fun lessons with my playful “boys” in 2. grade”

“Play To Learn More” is a well thought out teaching method with something for every pupil”

“Looking forward to making “Play To Learn More” my own!”