Smart Teachers Play More. Inspired to inspire!


In collaboration with Sarah Jane Anthony at  Smartenglish School in Alicante, Play To Learn More offers Erasmus KA1 course for European teachers. This project is called Smart Teachers Play More! Three courses are held in Iceland this winter and two in Alicante, Spain. These five and seven-day courses are highly practical and inspiring. In Iceland the participants do also get the opportunity to visit schools and educational institutions. Meeting colleagues from all over Europe is inspiring and fun. A Smart Teacher Play More course might be something for you?

Structure of a lesson!


All Play To Learn More (PTLM) activities can be played as individual activities. PTLM is based on sports and PE education. To get the best results with PTLM, we have put together a structure of a class that is based on the same components as sports training. In this video, you can see why we think it is so important to give the children the opportunity to learn and experience through different parts of the lessons. Just like we like to split our training up in different parts when we go to the gym to experience the wellness of the training through different senses!
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PTLM and your own wellness!


Play To Learn More believes that one of the fundamental things for the teacher is his and her mental and physical wellbeing. It is our own responsibility to do what we can to stay fit physically and mentally.  Teachers are so lucky that we can nurture ourselves while working with the children. The possibilities are all around us!

This video and the poster were made for the annual PTLM conference in Iceland 2017. The conference was dedicated to physical activities and wellness in general for children and teachers in PTLM schools in Iceland. We hope that you enjoy it even though it is in Icelandic! The video says more than words.
Have fun, take responsibility and move with your students!